How to choose the curtain in summer and how to maintain the curtain

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In summer, the role of curtain may be greater, curtain selection for home decoration style is very important, the choice of curtain in summer is very important, in the sunny room, such as study, children's room, bathroom, etc., you can choose some blinds, roll curtains with good thermal and light insulation, not only flexible and good looking, but also will be incandescent. Strong blockade outside the window. Now let's talk about it in detail.

Curtain Rendering Summer Expressions

Our home can often see the curtain cloth art, curtain decorative effect and shading effect make it a necessary ornament for every home. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the selection of curtain cloth art is also a technical work. It should be able to meet our needs for life, but also to decorate our home, which is designed with home. The matching of interior decoration and wind decoration has been cloth function selection and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the selection techniques of curtain fabrics.

Nationality, nature, exotic sentiment, innovation and other different styles show a pluralistic trend.

Exotic customs

Jacquard is a concave-convex pattern of textiles with interlaced warp and weft lines. There are many kinds of textiles and jacquard fabrics are one of them. Embroidery is just a kind of decoration. Generally, embroidery is plain and dense fabric, but the design is more upscale. It requires high quality cotton yarn to put forward patterns. Jacquard is also plain. Jacquard and twill jacquard.

Luxurious Classics

The fashion of revival has also swept the curtain fabric design, and Chinese style and European palace style have become the mainstream. Unlike the traditional sense of retrogression, this year's retrogression style abandoned the verbose and grandiose decoration, in order to contain restrained style details, convey the feeling of excellent life.

Personality Dynamism

Chinese traditional interior design combines dignity and elegance. Chinese style makes more use of post-modern techniques, and presents the traditional structural forms with another national characteristic symbols through the combination of new designs. The modern simple style is wonderful and unique, which is one of the selected styles of many family decoration. Modern decoration style gives people a strong sense of rhythm. Modern design pursues the applicability and convenience of space. The living space is combined according to the functional relationship between each other, and the functional space permeates each other, so the utilization rate of the space is the highest. The color design of modern style is greatly influenced by the trend of thought of modern painting schools. By emphasizing the contrast and coordination between primary colors, we pursue an eternal art theme with most meanings.

Natural softness

In Mediterranean grid home, curtain, sofa, meal cloth, bedding and other soft decorative fabrics are generally selected as physiological cotton and linen fabrics, and Mediterranean style also has a pastoral atmosphere. So the fabric used in the cloth art with small fragments, stripes and lattice patterns in low color tone is its main decorative style, with rounded original shape. Wood furniture.

Blind Renaissance

Privacy is the primary attribute of the bedroom, and sound insulation is the basic requirement of the bedroom. When decorating, we should consider living experience from visual and auditory aspects. As a tool to distinguish space, the door also has the functions of sound insulation, heat preservation and ventilation. When choosing bedroom door, we should consider its sound insulation effect and environmental protection. For example, when choosing solid wood doors, we should select dense ones. The denser the core, the better the sound insulation effect. A lot of dark time helps sleep. Choosing opaque curtains can keep the bedroom dark enough. At the same time, there are some real estate households and households closer, opaque curtains can also better ensure the privacy of the bedroom. When choosing curtains, two layers can be designed, one is made of light yarn and the other is made of opaque material. In addition, the selection of wall, floor and window materials should consider the sound insulation performance. For example, the bedroom floor is good enough to feel quiet, warm and quiet, so it is more appropriate to choose floors and carpets. The sound insulation effect of window glass is good mainly in hollow glass, glued glass and vacuum glass, among which the sound insulation of vacuum glass is good.

Attention to curtain maintenance in summer

For curtain maintenance, it is not generally necessary to pay attention in summer. Because of the long sunshine in summer, part of the curtain is more "soft" in texture, which produces pure partial decolorization and so on.  Therefore, in the main bedroom and the living room, the floor-to-floor window section must choose a good quality shading layer, and then match with the curtains you like.

Because curtains are fixed by hooks, slides and so on, many families usually forget to take them for cleaning, which hides dust purely and buries hidden dangers for health. Therefore, for some curtains of thin yarn and cloth texture, it is suggested that they be taken down and cleaned in two weeks or half a month. However, for thick materials such as velvet, which are not easy to dry, it is suggested that the dust on the surface should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner every week and sent to dry cleaners or professional cloth shops for cleaning in half a year.

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