With curtains like this, your home can also be beautiful!

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Choosing curtains is really a headache! In order to choose and buy the curtains that are satisfactory, I ran to a bad curtain shop. Faced with all kinds of colors and fabrics, I really can't start. I believe most people have all kinds of confusion when choosing and buying curtains. I believe the following contents can certainly solve the problem when you choose and buy curtains!

What material is suitable for curtains?

Cotton/linen material: very suitable for the overall simple style of home decoration, the shortcomings are wrinkle, transparent, shrinkable can not be washed often.

Polyester: Although it sounds like a low fabric, most curtains are made of this material. After all, it's very straight and doesn't shrink.

Silk satin/velvet: You can try it out if you like it. It's also quite brilliant when matched properly.

Cotton cloth: wrinkle-prone, shrinkage-prone, not recommended.

Depending on the specific circumstances of the room, the room with sufficient light can choose curtains made of cotton and hemp, such as the living room.

The bedroom needs shading and sound insulation function, you can choose some thick velvet curtains.

Curtains should be selected according to the color matching of the interior, such as the use of yellow in small areas of the interior, the best matching curtains are the same color, or a little deeper.

curtains , your home can also be beautiful!

1. Pure white curtains

White curtains do not need to take care of any main color, very good match, but not dirty, if the hostess is more diligent, you can consider installing white curtains!

Even with dark green walls, pure white curtains are suitable.

The white curtain also matches the overall light tone style. The best length of curtains can be a little longer, about two or three centimeters towing the ground, the visual height will also be lengthened, so that the space is light and bright.

2. Pure curtains

Pure curtain is also very well matched, no pattern, visual will be relatively monotonous, but also in line with modern people's pure and concise aesthetic!

The blue of the curtains corresponds to the blue on the bags and blankets, even darker than the blue. It is more appropriate to choose the color of curtains from these small items.

The pink teapot and the pink part on the wall are in accordance with the color of the curtain, which will neither lead to too many identical colors in the same space nor appear boring.

The dark green velvet curtains add a strong color to the cold room and make it warmer. In this case, do not use white curtains, it will make people feel very cold.

3. Different pattern curtains

Rich pattern curtain, interesting and not monotonous, but not easy to match, without a good choice, easy to destroy the whole space.

This low-key stripe pattern is really omnipotent.

Matching with accessories, absolutely no mistakes!

There are more Chinese styles at home, so don't get red and green on the curtains. Elegant and simple curtain is more suitable for matching wooden furniture with strong Chinese style.

4. Vertical and horizontal striped curtains

Stripe curtain is not so complicated as pattern. It is good to match. Material quality should be considered more.

When a large area of a color appears on the curtain, we must consider whether it matches the whole scene. If we haven't systematically understood the color matching, we suggest that we choose a small area of color that has appeared in the house to buy.

Vertical stripes, elegant and invisible, can match more scenes.

The style of French vertical stripes must choose transparent cotton and hemp, so that there will be real French laziness.

5. Gradient curtain

Gradient curtains, different gradient colors have different styles, we need to pay attention to the material and style is appropriate.

Use gradient curtains that are consistent with the wall color to maintain the consistency of style.

The bedroom is generally not suitable for too dark color decoration, but the gradual darkening of the upper white slightly transparent, will not make people feel depressed.

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