How to Choose and Purchase Curtains and Curtains

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Generally, when hard decoration is near the end, soft decoration is particularly important; soft decoration is like making up for a plain-looking person, every step and detail must be careful, in order to present a perfect overall effect. The curtain is an important part of soft decoration, the quality of purchase also directly affects the effect of our entire space. Let's talk about the fabrics, length, slides and so on.

1. Fabric selection:

Knowing how to choose cloth curtains is very necessary. In addition to the pattern, the thickness of the curtain fabric, the composition of the fibers, and whether special treatment has been carried out will have a great impact on the future use. The orientation of windows also has a great influence on fabric selection: south-facing windows have plenty of light and are more suitable for gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics. North-facing rooms are mostly dark and cold. Warm and heavy curtains should be chosen to increase the temperature. Room facing east or west: Several hours of intense sunshine stimulation every day, it is better to choose cloth with a certain insulation performance, or select cloth with special treatment or neutral color, otherwise it will fade or discolor. Natural fibers, cotton, linen and wool fabrics have good sagging and comfortable touch, but they are not suitable for stimulation of high temperature and strong light, so they can not be used in western-sun rooms.

2. Curtain Length

The length of the curtain includes three aspects: the height of the curtain off the ground; the length of the left and right sides of the curtain; and the length ratio of the curtain to the curtain rod. Curtain height off the floor: If you have a kick line installed in your home, it is recommended that the curtain be 1-2 cm higher than the kick line, which will make the curtain and the ground more hierarchical. If you don't install a kick line: it is recommended that the bottom of the curtain be 1-2 cm away from the ground, so as not to mop the floor unsanitary, and it will appear that the room is higher. Length of the left and right sides of the curtain: In order to avoid light leakage on both sides of the window, the left and right sides of the curtain are usually about 5 cm wider than the window, so as to ensure the closure of the window to a large extent. The length ratio of curtain to curtain rod: It is suggested that the curtain is about twice the length of curtain rod. If the length of curtain is not enough, it will lead to unnatural or unable to completely block the window when the curtain unfolds.

3. On Slide Track

Material of curtain rod and slide rail: plastics, wood, aluminium alloy, iron, stainless steel and pure zinc alloy, etc. Installation method of curtain rod: It is easy to pull by drilling holes directly on the cloth, and the form looks beautiful; but the friction between the cloth and the rod is large, so it is difficult to pull back and forth. The sling is suitable for lighter fabrics, but the tie is not easy to pull. The window with decorative function as the main factor can be considered.

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