The curtains are dirty and need not be dismantled or washed. They are cleaner than washed.

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What if the curtains are dirty? Dismantling and washing is a big project!

Vacuum cleaner cleaning method

A lot of dust is adsorbed on the curtain. It takes time and effort to remove and clean it. In fact, the dust on the curtain can be easily removed without disassembly by using a vacuum cleaner. Every time you clean the curtain, it is convenient and clean.

Steam cleaning method

If there is a steam cleaner in the house, it would be better. First, dust on the curtain is sucked out by ordinary vacuum mode, and then the curtain is cleaned again by steam mode, so that the curtain is cleaner.

If there is no steam cleaner in the house, it can also be replaced by a steam iron, which can also have the effect of humidifying and cleaning, and can also make the curtain smooth, so that the curtain looks clean and beautiful.

Curtains are made of different materials

The cleaning methods used are also different.

Throw the curtain into the washing machine

It's very likely that the curtains will be washed out.

Velvet curtains

Velvet feels delicate and textural, and the cloth is thick and has good shading effect, but it is easy to change.

If washed in a washing machine, it is easy to harden and deform. Sprinkle neutral laundry detergent on the curtain and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Window shades

Louvers, known as the most fashionable window in fashion and fashion, are standard for many kitchens and bathrooms. But louvers are easy to accumulate dust. Don't worry, cleaning louvers is actually very simple.

Prepare a clip, wrap both sides with a rag, then stretch it with a leather band and dip in a little detergent.

If you want better dust removal effect, you can add a little white vinegar in it.

Hold a shutter with a clip and there's no dust everywhere you go. When the sunshine came in, the house was all warm.

Cotton and hemp curtains

Cotton and hemp curtains are breathable and environmentally friendly, and are the preferred target for many young people with strong personality. But this kind of curtain wrinkles easily.

Many gauze-thin cotton curtains are not suitable for washing machines at all. It's easy to make a hole in the curtain. And hand washing is too tiring. Teach you how to fix the cotton curtain in minutes.

Use a sponge to dip in a little soapy water, wipe the curtain, the stain will generally fall off, but also to prevent wrinkles.

If you encounter stubborn stains, add a small amount of lavender essential oil, you can strongly decontaminate, but also clean the air.

Flocking curtain

Flocking curtain is the preferred curtain for many families. It is wear-resistant, beautiful and dirty. If it is not a large area of stain, it can be treated locally.

When cleaning, sponge can be dipped in alcohol and gently wiped to dilute the stains.

Ordinarily when it's okay, you can also shake the curtains and use the iron at home to clean them all to ensure that the room is clean and dry.

Polyester curtain

Polyester curtain is one of the most common curtains in the market. If you don't hang it at home, you will feel a little less. And it is also wear-resistant, not easily corroded.

It can be washed in a washing machine, but only with neutral detergent. If it's hard to pull down the curtains, teach you a lazy way.

Add baking soda, alcohol and rose essential oil to the water and pour into the spray bottle when the mixture is finished. It can remove dust and odor.

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