How to Clean Tea Towels

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1. Tea towels newly stained with tea can be immediately washed with 70-80% hot water and removed.

2. Old tea stains can be washed with concentrated salt water or rubbed with a mixture of ammonia and glycerol (1:10). Silk and wool fabrics are forbidden to use ammonia water. They can be rubbed with 10% glycerol solution and washed with detergent and rinsed with water.

3. Do not expose to the sun. Lest the tea towel harden.

When drinking tea, the handkerchief used at any time, generally not exceeding the size of the handkerchief, texture is mostly knitted cotton, strong water absorption.

Tea culture is a kind of leisure culture. It pays special attention to appearance and details, and tea-related utensils, all of which are fine and compact. So is tea towel.

Diversified subdivision of special tools is the most intuitive symbol of civilization. Strictly speaking, in terms of its use, tea towels used in tea drinking are not exclusive, or even replaced by rags. However, it seems that doing so violates the elegance and purity of tea, like burning piano and cooking ***, is a bad way for vulgar people. Tea towels must be exclusive for those who pay attention to tea art. If they are used to wipe other things, such as tea shells, it is not appropriate, because if there are crumbs and residues on the tea towels, and then wipe the teapot, they will surely drag mud and water, which is a hindrance. If they fall into the cup again and again, they will greatly discount the pleasure of drinking.

Speaking of special handkerchiefs, the so-called "Mama Chen" was written in the novels of Ming and Qing Dynasties. When it appeared, its purpose was clear, but its texture, specifications and so on were unknown. Sometimes I liked to have a sudden *** in academic research, so I found many interesting topics or clues. Taking "Mama Chen" as an example, I wonder if Mr. Shen Congwen has been involved in the study of ancient costumes. Although this topic is not very elegant, it is not a negligible and unimportant thing. Mr. Liu Dalin, a sexologist, has a history. It is said that there are also special museums. Maybe you will notice this detail?

Tea is associated with cleanliness. When people who are fastidious and expert drink tea, there will be no dirty things on the table. The function of tea towels is only to wipe them dry. They attach to tea towels. In addition to clean water, they are tea, at most tea *** or tea residues. Therefore, unlike other towels, tea towels will not show dirty or odor. Of course, if it is not a place specializing in tea, such as at the dinner table, or on the Guangdong-style morning tea table, where there is food and wine, and when the cups and plates are in a mess, we begin to taste tea, then we should not only use tea towels, but must first wipe the table with a cloth, and then use tea towels when the tea set is ready.

When drinking Kungfu tea, the great function of tea towel is not only wiping the tea table, but also wiping the teapot frequently. The teapot is soaked in the teapot. If the teapot body and bottom are not wiped dry when pouring tea, the water will inevitably drip into the cup along the spout of the teapot. In the hands of skilled tea guests or tea waiters, tea towel is not only a tool, but also a prop. Every wipe is like a habitual touch on tea sets, not just for cleanliness. Here, drinking tea has become an art of life, in addition to its practical thirst-quenching significance, more importantly, aesthetic appreciation.

Tea towel is also a snack eaten in Japanese tea *** before drinking tea. It is twisted out by wiping tea bowls with tea towels, such as black bean tea towels.

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